When we first found out we were expecting, we were set on being surprised. There aren’t many surprises left in the world anymore; anything we want to know is available with a quick Google search.

Sadly, the surprise we received was not the one for which we had hoped. After learning about the multiple challenges that our precious baby was facing, we scheduled a 4-D ultrasound. We wanted to have ‘pictures’ of our baby and that may have been our only chance.

We didn’t even know if we would be able to tell if Sweet Pea was a boy or a girl. We had names picked out for each – names that we had chosen long before April became pregnant. Honestly, for me (Ron) the thought of giving Sweet Pea a name in so many ways made our situation more real; it made our situation more difficult. Both of these names had great signifance to us. Both names had family history. One being a name that April’s mother had almost given her and the other being my own and my father’s name. The thought that those names which had contained so much hope and joy over the last several years might not survive was and still is overwhelming – even somewhat paralyzing.

BUT, we wanted to pray for our baby by name.

We want YOU to pray for our baby by name.

We are exited to introduce you to our daughter, London Joy Gehrke.

First pair of EARS!
London was where we honeymooned starting our journey as husband and wife.

London is our daughter with whom we are starting our journey as parents.

Joy is something she has brought us so much of and was almost the name that April’s mother gave her.

As for other updates; there really aren’t any. We saw a second specialist a few weeks ago and everything looked exactly as it had before. No improvement. Unfortunately, due to the multiple abnormalities London “Sweet Pea” Joy is facing, surgery is not an option. The only chance that our daughter has to survive is a miracle.

So we continue to pray. We sing to London, we talk to her, we take her to our favorite places and feed her our favorite foods. We are cherishing every moment. We don’t know what the future holds.

We still believe that God can heal our daughter and we still know that He is good even if our time with London Joy is shorter than we are believing for.

Thank you for your continuous outpouring of love towards April and I. So many people have fed us, sent us cards, gifts and encouraging messages. Your love towards us has made all the difference. Please continue to pray.


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  1. Amen . Lots of prayers, and thank you for sharing from your hearts. Our mighty God is a God of miracles !!!!

  2. Continued prayers for London Joy, April and you. We know that our God is able.

  3. London Joy. Beautiful and original…like her parents. Love and prayers.

  4. Ronald Mark and April, my prayers are with you and London Joy, our Lord is still on the throne and He has the final word. I have learned to trust in Him with all your heart and lean on Him. If I can ever do anything for the two of you please let me know. Again you guys are in my prayers. Helen

  5. Yes were praying for London Joy . what a beautiful name.We believe God hears are prayers and all these prayers for her.

  6. Expect a miracle, He can move suddenly. Our daddy God is more than able and hears every prayer and sees every tear. Our prayers are with you.

  7. You are already amazing parents. I will continue to pray for London Joy. Such a beautiful name. I believe in Miracles!!!

  8. Prayers for London and her family – God does perform
    Miracles and we are praying for him to touch this precious baby and heal her!

  9. Beautiful name Ron & April! Love&prayer!

  10. Believing God for a miracle in Londons precious little body.

  11. Beautiful name and beautiful family! We are believing and praying for a complete healing. Nothing is to big for God!!! ❤

  12. I have the honor of knowing your sister Sarah. I don’t know her well but do hope to and know that when she’s around she exudes a beautiful light. Your story continues to inspire me. I thought I would also look up the meaning of the name London and found this:The meaning of London is “From London; Fortress of the Moon”. I just pray a fortress surrounding you both & London. A fortress of God’s favor & Love to you. I pray for answered questions and understanding, but mostly for a precious peace to you all. You are an example to SO many who struggle in their faith in the day to day mundane. You ground us and London shows perseverance and strength. Thank you for being so transparent & sharing. God bless you and we are ALL here for you, near or far.

  13. Praying for you! Loved hearing London Joy’s beautiful heartbeat today,strong and steady….❤

  14. Love and the peace of Christ for all of you. What a beautiful name for your precious baby girl…prayers always

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